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The Jones & Bartlett Learning Public Safety Group offers a variety of testing solutions to meet the needs of different emergency services educators. Whether you’re looking for something to help with administering class exams or preparing for the Registry exams, the Public safety Group has a solution to fit your program’s needs.

Fisdap Testing


Fisdap Testing is designed around two primary objectives:

  • Ensure students are prepared to pass the National Registry exam on their first attempt
  • Equip students with the skills required to be successful in the field

There are four separate tools that make up Fisdap Testing:

  • Entrance Exams
  • Comprehensive Exams
  • Unit Exams
  • Study Tools

These exams are not intended for use as traditional quizzes and tests, but rather as a combined method of predicting an individual’s likelihood of success on the National Registry exam. The exception to this is the Entrance Exam, which is used to measure students’ program readiness.

How to Purchase

  • Available through an institution or alongside select Navigate packages
  • Not purchasable by students, except for Study Tools


One of Fisdap Testing’s biggest strengths is its community-built exams. Questions are contributed by a wide community of EMS educators and practitioners across the country, and reviewed by:

  • Subject matter experts, many with experience writing for NREMT and other exams
  • EMS Students, who also play roles in data gathering and vetting prior to publication
  • A board-certified Emergency Physician & every Medical Director in participating programs

Students have the option to flag items for review, and Fisdap keeps track of every single item complaint and edit to preserve the efficacy and validity of each question.

Each Fisdap exam is piloted with geographically diverse EMS students across the US, and employs several methods to ensure transparency and integrity, including:

  • Using Classical Test Theory (CTT) and Item Response Theory (IRT, Rasch analysis) to distinguish proficient students from those still learning
  • Correlating exam scores with first-attempt National Registry certification results to calculate positive predictive value of the exam
  • Publishing community piloting data in research abstracts

Each student attempt generates a Learning Prescription (study guide), which:

  • Reveals their performance across the National Registry curriculum
  • Highlights topics in which they scored lower than the average needed to pass

Fisdap’s secured exams are exclusively designed to be delivered in a proctored environment, whether on-site in a computer lab, or remote. Practice exams as part of Fisdap’s Study Tools do not require proctoring.

To further boost exam security, correct answers are deliberately omitted to prevent students from seeking answers online before the exam, in order to mitigate cheating. Instructors can request a copy of the test and are sent a coded PDF to track unlikely breaches in exam security should they occur.

Sample Fisdap Exam Learning Prescription

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Entrance Exam

(for EMT & Paramedic Students)

Qualify applicants and measure incoming paramedic students' strengths and weaknesses.

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Unit Exam

(for EMT, AEMT, & Paramedic Students)

Diagnose your students' strengths and weaknesses throughout the course.

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Study Tools

(for EMT & Paramedic Students)

Let your students take charge of their own independent study with our full-length practice exam, practice quizzes, and other helpful study resources.

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Comprehensive Exam

(for EMT, AEMT, & Paramedic Students)

Evaluate whether your students are ready to take their certification exam and become practicing EMS professions.



TestPrep generates practice assessments:

  • Students choose from a variety of National Registry units and topics
  • Can be a test on a specific unit, or a comprehensive exam for self-evaluation and certification readiness
  • Questions are randomly selected and a practice test or exam is generated

How to Purchase

  • Available within select Navigate packages and as a standalone product
  • Contact your Public Safety Group representative or visit


TestPrep is designed to help students and professionals prepare for class, state, and national certification exams:

  • Customized practice exams with a variety of different subject categories
  • Simulated certification exams that use case-based questions and detailed rationales

These align with the question format/style and overall breakdown of units/categories included in the National Registry’s certification examinations, with the goal of preparing students for the national exam. Results pinpoint where they’re excelling and struggling in their studies.

TestPrep questions require critical thinking, forcing students to use their problem-solving skills to determine the “best” answer. This is done using:

  • Distractor questions, crafted to include some level of “plausibility”
  • Comprehensive rationale for every correct and incorrect answer, helping students understand the “why” behind even the most challenging questions.

Detailed analytical tools are provided as well, with instructor access to facilitate tracking student progress and assessing readiness for certification exams. These tools include:

  • Information on how long students took to complete the exam
  • Opportunities to review the answer rationales (why correct answers are correct, other options are incorrect, etc.)

A Jones & Bartlett Learning study discovered that students who use TestPrep have a 14% higher first-time pass rate on the NREMT certification exam than average, with 96% of users saying they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with TestPrep.

Navigate Test Bank


  • A comprehensive repository of questions written for use in formative and summative assessment
  • Test Bank makes creating and administering quizzes and exams easy
  • Reports directly to your Navigate gradebook

Sample Quiz Question

How To Purchase

  • Test Banks are included with adoption of most Public Safety Group textbooks
  • Online access is included in the text or can be purchased as an online-only option


EMS test banks (available in Navigate and the Instructor Tool Kit) are written by subject matter experts to align with the student text. EMS texts are written by experts in the field and reviewed and approved by our medical publishing partners to align with:

  • National EMS Education Standards
  • National EMS Scope of Practice Model
  • National Practice Analysis
  • Recent ILCOR standards

The number of test items for a given topic or chapter correlates to its level of coverage in the associated textbook. Test questions are “best answer” items, primarily scenario-based questions designed to assess one’s “big picture” knowledge. (Some are written to assess knowledge learned directly from the text.)

Some item stems are intentionally vague, to reflect the vague manner in which patients often present. EMS providers must use their critical-thinking skills to make treatment decisions based on limited information, and students will also encounter these same types of items on the NREMT exam, so we deliberately provide early exposure to these.

Navigate Test Bank offers these ease-of-use features:

  • Questions organized by chapter
  • Quizzes and exams created easily using Navigate’s assessment engine
  • Assessments that report directly to the gradebook for desired weighting

With Navigate Test Bank, managing your classes’ quizzes and exams has never been easier!

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