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Recert - Lifelong Learning

Recert—Lifelong Learning

Confused by evolving recertification requirements? Sign-up for your personalized recertification roadmap and dashboards to manage your professional portfolio. Plus, expand your knowledge and refine your skills with gold-standard content from the world's premier continuing education providers.


We make your life easier

We make your life easier

If you feel stressed about record keeping, accreditation, certification testing, managing an internship schedule, or keeping tabs on your students, we can help. Fisdap offers a range of products that will improve your program and your students' training experience.

Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI)

Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI)

At ECSI, our goal is simple—to provide the absolute best training materials to help you save lives. Our engaging, high-quality, and comprehensive first aid, CPR, and other emergency care training courses lead to certifications that meet job-related requirements. From scouting groups to hospitals to government agencies, our courses are designed with you in mind.

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Learn. Practice. Assess. Analyze. Engage! Navigate will change the way you teach, learn, and access course content.

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