The Future

You are called to action

You are driven to serve your community, care for patients, and use your talents and passion to preserve life and property. You are the future of public safety. PSG is the training partner that takes you from the classroom and into the field.

PSG helps you through every step of your education:


It all begins with current, accessible content that ensures maximum comprehension. From print to eBooks to online courses, you will attain a solid foundation of knowledge.


Before answering the first call, you need mastery of skills and complete understanding. From videos that demonstrate each step of critical skills, to case studies that replicate how to think in the field, to simulations that enable skills to be performed in a safe environment, you will master skills through experience.


It all comes down to one exam. From assessments that predict success, to practice tests that prepare you for the high-stakes testing environment, to personalized learning plans that show you where to focus your time and efforts, you will walk in fully equipped to succeed.

How We Help

From our innovative online learning system to our personalized data-driven solutions, PSG empowers you to succeed at every stage of your education. Because one program does not fit all, we offer solutions from audiobooks if you want to listen on the go, eBooks if you want to interact virtually on your mobile device, and online resources if you want to train anytime, anywhere. We prepare you to enter the field with confidence.

Learning—for Life
Learning—for Life


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