Recert FAQ



What is the difference between Refresher Packages and a RECERT subscription and course? 

Recert Subscription—for customers who require CAPCE credit which can only be provided through through Recert.


Refresher Packages—These are provided through Navigate so think of these as Navigate Courses that use Recert content.  And these are for customers who are just looking for refresher content.  These can also be used for states that have their own CAPCE # or State Approved Provider#

Does Recert meet the requirements for my state?




Does the state specific model contained in Recert meet the requirements I need to retain licensure? 

Recert cannot and should not interpret the scope of practice and licensing requirements of all licenses for each state.  And we are currently in the process of sunsetting state specific models for this very reason.    All State Specific Models contain this disclaimer:


Please contact the appropriate local, state and/or national official(s) before proceeding to ensure your Recert activities meet their requirements.

What model should I use? 

While we can’t advise providers on their licenses and requirements, we can suggest the Continuing Education Tracker which is a generic model that at any level offers the same number of hours—100--and same courses--all those that are within Recert.


We recommend they check with the appropriate local, state and/or national official(s) before proceeding to ensure their Recert activities meet their requirements.  And we can suggest reviewing the EMT, AEMT or NRP Continuing Education Tracker choices.
Why am I being charged when I purchased the 1-year subscription?

Acquiring an Online Course with a Recert Subscription—see page 8

There is no additional fee to order a course if you have a full subscription. After you add the course to your cart and start the check-out process, the cost of this course will be removed before you complete the checkout process.


When you click “Checkout” after adding the course to your cart—you will see this message:

Our record indicates that you have a Recert subscription and are entitled to getting the following item(s) free of charge. Select item(s) you would like to add to your account below.
How do I find the “product” I ordered on my account?Viewing Your Recert Dashboard—see page 3
How do I …add courses, add CEs, print out, report CEs
  • Adding a Certification—see page 5
  • Associating Your Account with an Employer ID—see page 6
  • Uploading Skills Verification (also addresses printing)see page 16
  • Obtaining Proof of Course Completion (also addresses printing)See page 17
  • Obtaining a Completion Card (also addresses printing)see page 17
  • Applying Hours—see page 19
  • CAPCE Data Reporting—see page 20