Spend Your Time Training;
Not Mastering the Equipment.

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Develop amazing educational experiences with ease

Simple, template-based software enables easy content creation and editing, while allowing you to bring new life to your old presentations with video, 360° panoramas, scenes from the preloaded content library, or turnkey scenarios from the Public Safety Group.


Manage Immersive Learning Center experiences from the palm of your hand

Using the immersive application, an Apple iPad Mini tablet serves as remote control for the Immersive Learning Center that allow facilitators to effortlessly control simulations and room functions.

  • Start and pause a scenario
  • Open and load new content
  • Control lighting
  • Adjust audio and video settings

We’ll fully train you, and then we’ll fully support you.

After an Immersive Learning Center is designed, installed, and configured, our onboarding specialists provide personalized virtual training to ensure that you are proficient in using the immersive software, deploying immersive content from the Public Safety Group, and creating your own immersive content. Should you have any issues using the software along the way, we offer phone and remote customer support to help you quickly get back on track. Advanced user training is also available for an additional annual fee.


Easy, yet still professional






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Immersive Learning Center experiences.