State-of-the-Art Equipment
Backed by World-Class Customer Support


With an Immersive Learning Center, simulations, scenarios, and educational lessons immediately come to life and capture attention, helping to improve training effectiveness and student readiness. Completely flexible and buildable, facilitators can easily develop local, relevant content to meet nearly any training need.

LCD Laser Display


Offering superior image quality matched by continuous performance, Immersive Learning Centers use ultra short-throw LCD laser displays and edge blending software to create beautiful floor to ceiling viewing experiences.

High Quality Audio


Commercial-grade amplifiers and volume control modules combine with high-quality ceiling mounted speakers to generate powerful audio performance.

Motion Sensitive Gesture Control


Motion sensing input devices enable complete gesture control and interactivity capabilities, providing you with wall-size tablet capabilities and the opportunity to create sophisticated simulations.

Control Scenarios via iPad


A control system with touch panel will be provided, installed, and programmed to ensure the entire system can be simply operated. An Apple iPad mini is provided for remote control to allow facilitators to effortlessly control simulations and room functions.

Installed by Experts


Leave the installation to those with the experience. Immersive Learning Centers are professionally designed and installed by systems experts who fully guarantee their high-quality workmanship and support hardware for years to come.

High Quality Audio


100% of the hardware installed within Immersive Learning Centers is completely supported. If an issue arises, call our support staff to help diagnose and remedy the issue. In most cases, issues can be handled remotely without the need for on-site maintenance.

Contact a Public Safety Group Immersive Learning Center specialist to learn more about the hardware, installation requirements, or support structure.