Simulate limitless scenarios — from the roadside to the emergency room — and add your own content with ease.

Learning—for Life
250+ Engaging EMS & Fire Courses

Public Safety Group Content

Beginning 2020, the Public Safety Group will release simulation subscriptions, including facilitator guides, exclusively for Immersive Learning Centers.

Learning—for Life
250+ Engaging EMS & Fire Courses

Immersive Content Library

Choose from hundreds of backgrounds and scenes from our preloaded content library.

Learning—for Life
250+ Engaging EMS & Fire Courses

Create Your Own

Create and customize your own content by adding images, videos, or 360-degree panoramas.

Learning—for Life
250+ Engaging EMS & Fire Courses

Third-Party Content

Leverage web content, Google Streetview imagery, or other third-party content within your simulation.


Access exclusive immersive simulation subscriptions from the Public Safety Group

Subscribe to cutting-edge simulations, featuring both scripted scenarios and a library of microlearning assets, including animations, videos, and assessments ready to be deployed in your Immersive Learning Center. Content will be accompanied by a Facilitator Guide that includes:


  • Scenario or lesson overview and objectives
  • Hotspot maps
  • General guidance related to development of in-house training
  • Debrief notes




Incorporate local, relevant 360° footage from just about anywhere


360 degree camera



With a 360° camera in your hand, any room, building, sidewalk, or roadside has the potential of becoming a backdrop for your next simulation. Plus, when footage is shot in your own community, participants benefit from localized training that is relevant and effective. We’ll train you to effectively film and edit 360° video, and easily manage your content within the immersive software.





Bring Ordinary Presentations to Life


When lectures or presentations are required, Immersive Learning Centers provide a uniquely effective and engaging environment. By creating simple hotspots and links with our editing software, slide presentations come to life with supporting videos, animations, or other media files.


Limitless Content


Immersive Learning Centers make it simple and scalable for you to conduct realistic, relevant, and effective training, and you can customize the experience with your existing manikins or equipment, or add enhancements like props, scents, actors, and moulage.







Contact a Public Safety Group Immersive Learning Center specialist to learn more about the hardware, installation requirements, or support structure.