An end-to-end simulation solution, Immersive Learning Centers combine world class hardware, software, support, and educational content to deliver infinite next generation learning experiences.


Transform four white walls into a highly engaging and fully interactive simulation center, for a fraction of the cost.


In an Immersive Learning Center, simulations, scenarios, and educational lessons immediately come to life and capture students' attention, helping to improve training effectiveness and student readiness. Completely flexible and buildable, facilitators can easily deliver effective learning experiences that address nearly any training need, including:


  • Prehospital Emergency Medical Care
  • Rescue
  • High-Stress Emergency Response
  • Hospital-Based Care

  • Fire Command/Leadership
  • Pre-Incident Planning & Inspection
  • Tactical Response
  • Law Enforcement & Military Operations


Immersive Learning Center Applications

Learning—for Life










Emergency Medical Service

The possibilities for prehospital medical simulations are endless. Create a a multi-vehicle crash with vehicles speeding by, or simulate a response in a crowded nightclub, subway station, or school classroom.

Learning—for Life











Simulate high-stress or high-risk scenarios in hospital-based environments, at a fraction of the cost of less flexible simulation solutions.



Learning—for Life









Fire Service

Run critical leadership and command scenarios, simulate confined space rescues, and conduct localized pre-incident planning drills.

Learning—for Life









Law Enforcement & Military

Implement a wide variety of training exercises, including room breaches, monitoring for illicit behavior, crowd control, and crisis resolution.




Simulate endless scenarios, from the roadside to the operating table, and create your own content with ease.


Keep your space flexible and multi-purpose.



One of the many inherent advantages of Immersive Learning Centers over other solutions is the fact that your space can remain as flexible as the education that you facilitate within it. You don’t need to give up that conference room or meeting space when your learning space is not in use.


Turnkey Immersive Learning Centers start around $70,000, including installation, setup, and onboarding. Is an Immersive Learning Center right for you? Request more information to find out.