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We utilize a system-by-system checklist to initially assess the overall suitability of your space to be used for an immersive environment, and to identify any challenges that will require special considerations from the design or installation teams. A custom design plan will then be developed by expert installers, including details on all proposed display, audio, and control equipment installation and wiring.


Space Assessment

This assessment will help to ensure that your future immersive learning environment: is the proper size and dimensions; features the proper lighting conditions; and is able to be painted and otherwise prepared for the equipment installation.

Structural Assessment

This assessment will help describe the building materials and structural conditions currently present in your space. This information will assist our design team in properly planning for the equipment installation. If required, all structural work will be performed in accordance with local and/or state codes and regulations.

Electrical & Network Assessment

This assessment will help describe the electrical, audio, video, and network connections currently in use in your space. A typical immersive classroom includes the following hardware:


  • One PC with a wireless touch keyboard to run the Immersive Display Pro Software
  • Three interactive projectors
  • One wall-mounted remote
  • One iPad holder
  • Three interactive wall sensors
  • An amplified audio system powered by 4 ceiling mounted speakers
  • A control cabinet



If required, all electrical and construction work will be performed in accordance with local and/or state codes and regulations.

Designed to your specifications

Immersive Learning Centers have been successfully designed, built, and supported throughout the world. While physical spaces, facilities availablity, and building and electrical codes may differ, our team has the experience required to expertly guide you through the design and build processes.


Turnkey Immersive Learning Centers include installation, setup, and onboarding.

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