Higher Ed Solutions

As part of our mission to develop innovative teaching, learning and professional reference materials, we at Jones & Bartlett Learning are proud to offer multiple books for every course to assist you in building your curriculum.

After more than 25 years in publishing, Jones & Bartlett Learning has become a trusted provider of industry-leading content in the following areas of study:
  • Health Sciences & Professions
  • Nursing & Medicine
  • EMS, Fire & Safety
  • Biological, Physical & Social Science
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement & Public Administration
  • Gaming, Math & Engineering
  • Electrical & Automotive
By combining authoritative content from our experienced authors with innovative learning performance applications, Jones & Bartlett Learning empowers students, instructors and professionals to further their educational and professional goals with our curriculum-based and continuing education solutions.

Custom Higher Education Solutions Include:

  • Custom printed & electronic textbooks
  • Printed & electronic study/companion guides
  • Custom printed & electronic chapters (of your choice)
  • Electronic instructor & student resources

Partnering with Jones & Bartlett Learning will provide you with:

  • Customized content to meet your specific needs
  • Resource matching and curriculum building services to improve the breadth and quality of your programs
  • Wide variety of text options for every course to limit your search
  • Engaging instructor and student resources to strengthen each course
  • Fast and reliable service to accelerate your progress
For more information on JB Learning Customized Higher Ed Solutions or to request or to request complimentary review copies please contact your sales representative.